4G HD Portable Individual Handheld Terminal

Product Description

As a high performance individual portable product, 4G HD portable individual handheld terminal is designed for improving law enforcement transparency and enhancing the real-time communication between officials and the command center. With functions of HD wireless video, Beidou / GPS location, emergency dispatching, cluster call, mobile office, fingerprint recognition, and business query, the product is widely applied in occasions of traffic police / patrolman, armed police, fire fighting, civil air defense, emergency, border defense, urban management, insurance claims, electric power repair, etc.


Key Features

-Android system, easy operation, friendly interface, fast customization

-Three-proofing design, IP66 protection level

-2-channel video, support external connection with HD pinhole camera, built-in 5 megapixel camera

-Support 720P/D1/VGA/CIF remote real-time transmission, 5-megapixel local HD snapshot

-Omnidirectional capacitive touchscreen, clear image, soft, sensitive and accurate touch

-Large battery, fast charging, the operating time can last up to 8 hours without charging

-7 wireless modules, support 3G / 4G

-Support Beidou / GPS hybrid location and base station location, rapid location, high accuracy, without drifting

-Support WIFI and Bluetooth, able to connect with Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth printer, and Bluetooth ID card scanner

-Support two-way talkback, cluster call and cluster scheduling

-Support crash alarm and life sign alarm, effectively protect owner

-Terminal can be customized, public security intranet can be accessed to query plate number and documents, and law enforcement information can be input in real time

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