iCVS Cloud Video Management Platform


iCVS2.1 Cloud Video Management Platform is a new generation of platform developed by TsingLink for the distributed video surveillance fields. After fully summarized the needs of users and deeply investigated the problems and troubles in the surveillance industry, TsingLink makes a brand-new development and design for the system architecture. At the same time of inheriting the advantages and features of the previous generation, iCVS2.1 platform adheres to the design concepts of full-network, high-quality, wide coverage, large capacity, multi-service, compatible, manageable, operational, one-stop service, etc. With reasonable architecture, abundant functions, and stable performance, the platform satisfies not only the small and medium project construction, but also the safe city and operator platform construction.

  • Main Features

    Large capacity: Allow up to million-magnitude device and user access with the support of distributed design, cascading processing, progressive distribution strategy and intelligent platform self-management.

    * High reliability: Adopt telecom level reliable design, stable running and low failure rate with the support of hot-standby, storage control function and multi-network adaptability.

    * Super safety: With security control mechanisms of supporting netgap isolation on physical layer, adopting DES encryption and chap authentication on network layer and PUID authentication on application layer to ensure stable communication and prevent network intrusion.

    * Full compatibility: Device aspect: support the foreign and domestic major device access and allow other manufacturers’ terminal access after the secondary development. Platform aspect: perfectly compatible with other platform manufacturers, such as HUAWEI, ZTE, MEGAEYES, etc. Protocol aspect: support GB28181/ONVIF/ National Grid Standards and other protocols. 

    * Easy to maintain: The platform has network management system and video diagnosis system to rapidly find the fault that largely saves the system maintenance time and improves the maintenance efficiency.

    Extensible: iCVS2.0 is both a video platform and a cloud data exchange platform, different industry application system can be derived from it according to industry features, such as LBS, intelligent bus management system, emergency scheduling command system, etc.

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