Wireless Handheld Terminal(D)


TSP210-D wireless handheld terminal is a high-performance single-person portable intelligent video terminal, which can improve the transparency of front-end personnel law enforcement and enhance the real-time communication ability between law enforcement personnel and the command center. The product has HD wireless video transmission, Beidou /GPS positioning, emergency scheduling, cluster call, intelligent identification, mobile office, business inquiry and other functions. It can be widely used in public security, traffic/patrol police, armed police, fire fighting, civil air defense, emergency, border defense, urban management, electric power line emergency repairs and other occasions.

  • Main Features

    * Android system, easy to operate, friendly interface
    Support two-way intercom, cluster call, cluster scheduling
    Support external HD camera, built-in 5.0 MP, 16.0 MP camera
    Optional support for remote real-time transmission such as 1080P/720P, and support HD capture
    Capacitive touch screen, clear picture, soft touch, sensitive and accurate
    Large battery, can work continuously for 6 hours, standby for 72 hours, fast charging
    Support 4G/3G/2G, Mobile, Unicom, Telecom all network modes
    Support Beidou/GPS positioning, base station assisted positioning, fast positioning, high accuracy, no drift
    Supports Bluetooth, can connect to an external Bluetooth headset
    Optional intelligent application extensions such as face recognition and license plate recognition

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