Intelligent Bullet IP Camera


Intelligent Bullet IP Camera is an infrared waterproof intelligent terminal for indoor and outdoor fixed points. The product can improve the user's real-time visual intelligent monitoring and management ability, has HD video transmission, safety helmet detection, face detection and recognition, voice broadcast, alarm input and output and other functions, can be widely used in intelligent construction site, intelligent community, intelligent park, substation and other occasions, and can provide customized services for the development of intelligent algorithms for application scenarios.

  • Main Features

    * Support 1080P/720P/VGA and other resolutions
    Maximum support 2 channel 1920×1080@30 frame stream at the same time
    Support encoding H.265 compatible with H.264
    Support electric zoom, optional 3.6~10mm or 9~22mm
    Support audio, alarm input and output
    Embedded safety helmet detection feature algorithm
    Embedded face recognition algorithm
    2 dot matrix lights, infrared distance is 60 meters
    Support Tsinglink iCVS2.0 cloud platform
    Support iCAP protocol

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