Wireless Mini Portable Terminal


The TSP210-M wireless mini portable terminal has a compact appearance and is specially designed for law enforcement, secret shooting and live broadcasting. This product has functions such as HD wireless video transmission, real-time intercom, Beidou/GPS positioning, emergency scheduling, etc., and can be widely used in public security, fire fighting, civil air defense, agriculture, land, meteorology, forest fire prevention, environmental protection, electric power, armed police , construction site, industrial and commercial, safety supervision and other fields, can also be applied to drone aerial photography, on-site interviews, live news and other scenarios.

  • Main Features

    * Three-proof design, IP66 protection level
    Support 4G all network
    Support external HD camera
    Support remote real-time transmission such as 1080P/720P/VGA
    Beidou/GPS hybrid positioning, fast positioning, high accuracy, no drift
    Support two-way intercom, 8K audio sampling, quasi-live audio effects
    Can work continuously for 5 hours, fast charging
    Exquisite and compact appearance, easy to carry

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