Safety Production Management Platform

Intelligent IoT

The big data platform of Internet of Things is through the wireless network, with video as the core, the data collected by various sensors is gathered to the big data platform for data analysis and statistics, in the form of a graph, the current status and future trend are displayed. It enables decision makers to control all key data in the system in real time, and predict future trends based on statistical analysis of historical data, so as to assist decision makers to make accurate judgments and decisions in a timely manner.


    Main Features

    * Data aggregation: video, audio, positioning, sensor data aggregation, industry special data support custom development access

    Data statistics: statistical analysis by time (year, month, day), region and data point

    Data combing: combing according to user requirements, usage habits, key objects, and abnormal data

    Data presentation: support to use tree diagram, Gantt degree, point column chart, polygon diagram, trend chart to present, the position and color of presentation can be customized

    Data backtracking: support historical data backtracking by time and region, and support report export

    Data early warning: instant alarm, single point trending early-warning, regional trending early-warning, can connect with relevant departments’ emergency plans

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