Wireless Intelligent Body Cam(26A1 Pro)


4G HD Body Worn Camera DSJ-TSP26A1(Pro) is a police law enforcement integrated communication product developed according to the GA-T 947 national standard. It can improve the transparency of front-end personnel law enforcement, and strengthen the real-time communication and management capabilities of command centers and law enforcement personnel. With high-definition video storage, wireless transmission, Beidou / GPS positioning, cluster intercom, infrared night vision, one-button alarm, business query and other functions, the products can be widely used in traffic / patrol, armed police, fire, civil air defense, emergency, border defense, urban management , insurance claims, power repair and other occasions.

  • Main Features

    * Android 8.1 system, easy to operate, friendly interface, fast customization
    * Built-in 16 million camera, support automatic infrared night vision, support laser shooting positioning
    * GPS/Beidou hybrid positioning set base station positioning, 10 seconds positioning, no drift phenomenon
    * Support Bluetooth, can be connected to Bluetooth devices
    * Support Face Recognition /License Plate Recognition(include offline recognition)
    * Support ID card identification optional
    * Built-in distance sensor, when the shoulder clipis worn on shoulder, the screen is automatically turned off, and the intercom MIC is switched at the same time

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