Emergency Command Scheduling Platform

Emergency Command

In order to improve the rapid response ability and law enforcement transparency of the government department during the emergency law enforcement process, based on the audio and video technologies, the emergency command scheduling platform provides users with emergency business functions that aiming at user requirements and industry applications, such as functions of emergency team construction, user cluster, video call, emergency cluster, video conference, electronic map, etc. Combing with the emergency terminals, the platform can form a fully functional emergency command scheduling system, and widely used in the emergency industries of public security, urban management, fire fighting, armed police, civil air defense, frontier defense, etc.

  • Main Features

    * Cluster management: personnel management, group management, fixed group, temporary group 
    Voice dispatching: single call, group call, intercom, meeting 
    Scheduling control:  monitoring listen, mute, splitting-off, drag in, drag off
    Video scheduling: video call, video conference 
    Emergency communication: file message sending, police alarm notification, command transmitting, text communication
    Positioning service: GPS/BD/base station location, personnel/location, trajectory tracking/playback, emergency response teams set up quickly based on the location
    Video service:  video playing, video storage, video review


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