Dual Spectral Thermal Imaging Thermometer


Tsinglink TSC620-K-2H Dual-spectrum Thermal Imaging Camera is a thermal imaging thermometer for monitoring scenes where multiple people enter and exit at the same time. The product has high precision thermal imaging, multi people temperature measurement, real-time temperature measurement, multi-point abnormal body temperature alarm, visible display temperature measurement and alarm data, continuous recording, automatically capture when alarm, face detection, face recognition, and intelligent detection of mask wearing and other functions, can efficiently complete non-contact personnel temperature rapid screening and human temperature measurement registration in public places with a large flow of people. It is convenient and quick to deploy and has rich application scenarios.

  • Main Features

    * Non-contact rapid screening, full real-time temperature measurement to avoid cross-infection
    Long-distance, large-area detection, accurate and rapid screening
    Up to 300 people can be detected per minute
    Multi-point abnormal body temperature alarm, visible light display temperature measurement and alarm, high temperature measurement accuracy
    Continuous video, historical trace can be checked
    Automatically capture when alarm
    Support face recognition combined with body temperature reporting to complete body temperature measurement registration 
    Can detect that the mask is not worn and alarm
    Temperature measurement accuracy≤±0.3℃
    Can be deployed quickly with clients such as computer and TV

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