Low Power Intelligent Video Gateway


Low-power Intelligent Video Gateway is a wireless (5G/4G/WiFi/private network) IoT terminal with video access as the core. It is mainly aimed at remote areas, difficult wiring or high wiring cost of video picture transmission scene. The product supports all Netcom's functions such as HD video transmission, audio collection, intercom, sensor data access, intelligent analysis, low-power standby, and timing/SMS/phone wake-up. It can be extended to support video intelligent detection and analysis such as external damage prevention, human form detection, safety helmet detection, license plate recognition, etc. It is suitable for use in unmanned environments such as power Internet of Things, water conservancy, mining, forestry, construction site, environmental protection, agriculture, and meteorology, and has a low maintenance rate.

  • Main Features

    * Support 2 channel of digital HD access
    Support 4G full-band transmission, support WiFi transmission
    Support TF card local storage, maximum 64G
    Support RS232 and RS485 transparent serial port data acquisition and control
    Support 3 channel of controllable high-power power output
    Support 0.03W extremely low sleep power consumption
    Support timing wake-up and go to PTZ preset position to capture pictures and upload
    Support SMS and phone to wake up device to log in platform to browse video

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