Facial Recognition Thermometry Tablet


TSX300-A-CW Facial Recognition Thermometry Tablet is an intelligent terminal that integrates the functions of temperature measurement + identity verification + attendance. The product is mainly for fixed gateway scenarios with high traffic efficiency requirements, can realize full real-time thermal imaging high-precision temperature measurement, abnormal body temperature alarm, forehead temperature registration and reporting, face detection, recognition and display, dynamic binocular + living body detection, mask wearing detection and early warning, traffic statistics, remote video transmission, voice intercom, storage, white list release, attendance management etc. The product has the advantages of fast temperature measurement, accurate temperature measurement, high traffic efficiency, high safety, easy operation, and normal deployment during non-epidemic period, which can reduce the risk of cross-infection in personnel gathering and improve traffic efficiency.

  • Main Features

    * Non-contact rapid screening, full real-time temperature measurement
    High precision temperature measurement (±0.3℃)
    Support alarm for abnormal body temperature, alarm for detection of not wearing a mask
    Support face recognition to verify identity and release management
    Support dynamic binocular live detection
    Fast front-end input of face, remote batch management of face data
    Support switch, Wiegand, USB, RS232, RS485 and other input and output
    Optional support 4G remote real-time transmission
    Ethernet communication
    7 inch high-brightness LCD display, automatic brightness adjustment
    High performance AI chip, 100,000 magnitude face database
    HTTP protocol, SDK and other secondary development interface
    The detection and recognition results can be displayed locally and the interface can be customized
    Two-way intercom, built-in sound pickup and speaker

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