5G Intelligent Integrated Warning Lamp


Wireless Intelligent Integrated Warning Lights is an intelligent police equipment developed for police law enforcement, criminal investigation and emergency command. The product can be deployed on mobile carriers such as vehicles, and can collect key information on the characteristics of people around the vehicle (face, body shape, movement), vehicle characteristics (license plate, model, color) and mobile terminals (mobile phones, PAD, etc.). Through intelligent analysis and comparison technology, the information of people (gender, age, race) and vehicles (license plate number, license plate color, model) can be analyzed and screened, so as to achieve early warning of key supervision targets. At the same time, it can also through 5G, 4G and other networks connect to the public security emergency command and dispatch platform to realize the dispatch and command of front-end police and the emergency response to emergencies.

  • Main Features

    * Support 5G/4G public network/private network transmission
    * Support remote HD transmission such as 1080P/720P
    * Support one channel high-speed PTZ camera and six channel bullet cameras
    * Support full-time and full project collection around the vehicle, and support key project monitoring
    * Support bullet camera and PTZ camera linkage
    * Support AI functions such as face recognition and license plate recognition
    * Support offline comparison, online database update
    * Support instant warning of target recognition
    * Support Beidou/GPS positioning
    * Support APP to browse videos, control warning lights, and voice prompts for recognition results

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