Wireless Intelligent Video Helmet


The helmet-type intelligent video terminal adopts a high-speed processor, integrating HD video, audio, 5G/4G and WiFi wireless communication modules, positioning, storage, and alarm module. Real-time audio and video information transmission, voice intercom, and intelligent recognition can be realized through 5G/4G and WiFi wireless networks, which can record on-site situation in real time, collect evidence, standardize construction, and coordinate with the back-end monitoring and dispatching command platform to realize remote dispatch and command for outdoor mobile individuals.

  • Main Features

    Headwear integrated design, no cable , hands free

    * OLED working status display, easy to use

    * Large battery capacity, can work continuously for about 8 hours

    * Support collision alarm, dynamic detection of taking off helmet, and safety helmet detection

    * Expand AI functions such as face recognition

    * 128G TF card storage, support industry encryption

    * Support H.264 video coding algorithm

    * The helmet-type design meets the GB2811 safety standard

    * IP66 protection design, 2 meters free drop test

    * Self-powered lighting, laser indicating positioning, the lighting distance is not less than 20 meters

    * Support two-way intercom, built-in microphone, speaker

    * Support external Bluetooth, bone conduction special earphone

    * Support 1080P dual stream real-time HD video and local recording

    * Support Beidou/GPS/base station three positioning, accurate positioning without drift phenomenon

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