5G Intelligent Command Suitcase


TSP230-B Wireless Intelligent Emergency Command Suitcase is a multi-network integrated intelligent communication product with comprehensive functions and easy to carry. It supports 5G/4G/ad hoc network/satellite and other networks, and can provide users with high definition, smooth and stable video effect, can realize the functions of remote video transmission, positioning, cluster call, emergency dispatch, video conference, face recognition, license plate recognition, safety helmet detection, smoking detection, work clothes detection, etc. The product is a complete set of emergency command equipment for emergencies, providing technical support for the realization of "expedite communication, timely on-site, complete data, command in place" of emergency command.

  • Main Features

    * Adapt to all network, support 5G/WiFi/AP/LTE, etc.

    Support HD video transmission and local browsing

    * Built-in HD waterproof high-speed PTZ camera, can be connected with external DV input

    * Support hard disk, TF card, U disk storage

    * Built-in OLED screen in the body, real-time display of working status
    * Support Beidou/GPS hybrid positioning, fast positioning, high accuracy
    * Embedded retina HD touch screen and joystick control panel
    * Support cluster call, cluster scheduling, scheduling instruction issuing
    * Support two-way intercom through Bluetooth communication or wired hand microphone
    * Built-in large-capacity lithium battery, can work continuously for more than 11 hours
    * Support third-party video conference function
    * Support front-end face recognition, license plate recognition, safety production and other intelligent functions

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