Honor and Qualification

  • High-tech Enterprise

    Software Enterprise

    Intellectual Property Rights Demonstration Enterprise

    Anhui High-level Talent Team

    "228" Industrial Innovation Team

    "Jianghuai Silicon Valley" Innovation and entrepreneur team

    2017 China Security Innovation Brand

    2017 China Annual Security Innovation Brand Award

    2017 Xinjiang Security Industry outstanding contribution enterprise

  • A 4G multi-channel video driving record integrated machine

    An isolated gatekeeper based on SDI

    A backup power supply for PTZ network camera

    A Bayes-based color determination method for license plate

    A SVM-based driver's answering phone and calling monitoring method

    A method for detecting illegal occupation of emergency lane based on lane line model

    A vehicle distance detection method based on license plate position

    A vehicle distance detection method based on vehicle tail detection

    A blind driving detection method based on head-down feature

  • Tsinglink iCVS fatigue driving detection software V2.0

    Tsinglink iCVS people counting software V2.0

    Tsinglink iCVS ID card recognition software V2.0

    Tsinglink iCVS video server embedded software

    Tsinglink iCVS network camera embedded software

    Tsinglink iCVS mobile video adaptation server software

    Tsinglink iCVS emergency command mixing server software

    Tsinglink iCVS emergency command and scheduling software

    Tsinglink iCVS cloud storage server software

  • Environmental management system certification

    Occupational health and safety management system certification

    Quality management system certification

  • Law enforcement recorder DSJ-TSP21A1

    4G HD vehicle-mounted hard disk DVR TSM610

    Integrated PTZ camera TSP260

    4G HD emergency command suitcase TSP230

    Individual mobile video terminal TSP210

    Tsinglink iCVS intelligent cloud video system

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