Forest Fire Prevention Video Surveillance Solution

1.       Industry background

1)    Surveillance necessity

Forest fire is the most terrible disaster and will bring the most harmful result to the forest. The forest is always difficult to patrol for in remote locations and with large areas, so it is necessary to adopt high-tech means to supervise.

2)    Surveillance feasibility

A.    Network feasibility

At present, the forest has been covered by 2G /3G network, and 4G network will be available in the future.

B.    Power supply feasibility

There are operator base stations in the forest to solve the power supply problem, and the wind solar hybrid power system can be adopted in the places that far away from the base station.

2.       System architecture

System topological graph

1)    Front-end surveillance point

Adopt 4G HD network camera or 4G HD video server and camera to upload the real-time video to the surveillance center. The vide data include forest status, hidden danger of fire, rainfall, temperature, humidity, and other parameters, so the supervision departments can find the abnormity in the first place and take corresponding measures according to the real-time videos. The system also can realize the large-capacity video storage and keep the videos for a long time.

2)    Forest patrol personnel

The forestpatrol personnel can equip with the handheld terminal to transmit the real-time situation to the surveillance center and realize the real-time communication with the principal. Meanwhile, the handheld terminal supports the functions of GPS / Beidou /base station location, the forest principal can know the patrolling areas of the patrol personnel in real time.

3)    System protective measures

Long-term exposure and easy to suffer the lightning strikes, the forest equipment should do well in protective measures.

A.     For the indoor surveillance point, device can be installed in the fixed place;

B.     For the outdoor surveillance point, the wireless video server or PTZ network dome camera should equip with outdoor shielding cover or PTZ to be waterproof or adjust humidity.

C.     Lightning protection device should be installed to keepthe video device against lightning strike.

3.       System function

1)    Real-time display of the remote high-definition videos

Device supports 3G/4G wireless transmission with up to 720p effect.

TsingLink iCVS2.0 cloud video management platform software screenshot

2)    Alarm and linkage

       Audio, video, picture, camera patrolling, SMS, pop-up monitoring picture, and other alarm actions will be triggered when the following event occurs, such as: someone          intruding, video loss /shielding, abnormal temperature or humidity, device leaving the defined area, etc.

3)    SMS online

System supports the function of SMS controls deviceto be online. After enable the mode of SMS online, device remains in dormant state normally and enters working state after sent message to it, this will greatly save the power loss and operating expense.

4)    Watching via mobile phone

System supports the mobile phones with Andriod /iOS / WP system, such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, etc.

System supports the mobile phone functions of video watching, video recording, picture snapshot and uploading, PTZ control, two-way talk, switch between landscape and portrait modes, QCIF/CIF/QVGA video format browsing, etc.

Mobile client

5)    Two-way audio

The online audio and text communication between leaders and all surveillance points can be realized via the two-way audio function of the wireless video server and the network surveillance platform. Simple interface, easy to operate, support multi-channel shout, double track recording, and keep the call logs.

6)    Video storage, download and playback

System supports the storages of videos, pictures and alarm messages. There are several methods to startvideo recording: manual, alarm, timing, plan, etc. Three storage locations to be selected: device hard disk, server platform, local client. Meanwhile, it supports the following download and playback methods: continuous transmission after disconnection, wireless download, fast forward, slow forward, play per frame, etc.

7)    Temperature and humidity data acquisition

With RS232 serial port, the wireless video server can transmit the data of rainfall, temperature, and humidity to the platform via 3G network. There are two process modes to select after reached the platform:

A.   Directly forward to the third party platform without any further processing. In this way, the transmission data is transparent for the video surveillance platform, the platform only provides transmission channel without any further processing, and the processing is realized by the corresponding analysis software.

B.    After the development, the video surveillance platform directly analyzes the relevant data and overlays on the video surveillance management interface.

8)    Field power supply

       The device supports the wind solar hybrid and the solar panel power supply modes, easy to install and use. The solar panel power supply has the advantages of permanence, cleanness, and flexibility aiming at the special forest features: complex geographical environment, difficult wiring, unmanned situation, etc.

Solar power installation diagram

4.       System advantages

1)    Simple engineering construction

After adoptingthe wireless video surveillance, the existed network of the operator can be used and no need wiring, meanwhile, it can avoid to affect the nearby residents.

2)    Energy conservation and environment protection

The product hardware is well-designed.In normal working status, the power consumption of network video server is 5w-6w, and the camera (with PTZ) is 40w, meanwhile, it has dormant function and the power consumption will reduce 50% in dormant state. If the system adopts solar power strategy, it can effectively reduce the solar panel area and battery capacity.

3)    Save data traffic

Device can be set as SMS online mode according to demands. After the SMS online mode is enabled, the device only needs to send a little keep-alive data, and it will not produce the video traffic without watching even in the 24-hour online condition.

4)    Low offline rate

Device can automatically switch between 4G and 3G network, meanwhile, it has auto redial mechanism, device can dial again automatically after disconnected and the online time is less than 30 seconds.

5)    Rapid maintenance, convenient expansion

Device supports remote upgrade function. It only needs to operate in background when device is required to upgrade.


5.       Expected effect of the solution

1) Construction site

The implement of the whole solution considers the complex of the forest fire prevention system, the front-end adopts the wireless device to avoid the trouble of installation and wiring, and the device can be installed in the high place (such as the base station) to effectively monitor the whole scene.

2) Forest management department

No need dispatching worker to the forest, the supervisor can know the forest situation via the receiving device anytime and anywhere.

3) Surveillance management

       Different access right is set for different level visitor in the platform, for example, the HQ staff can monitor all the subordinate forests, and the relevant principal only can monitor the corresponding forest. The rights management ensures the security of the surveillance information and provides large convenience for the fire prevention facility control. It includes the management of monitoring rights, video recording, screenshot, download, playback, PTZ control, etc.

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