Building Site Video Surveillance Solution

Ⅰ.       Industry background

Building site is accident-prone place where the environment and personnel are complex, it is difficult to manage via personnel patrolling. How to manage the construction site, reduce accident occurrence frequency, and prevent all violation operations or uncivilized construction behaviors is always the focus of construction enterprises and the related government administrations. Therefore, using the modern technology, optimizing the surveillance means, and realizing the real-time uninterrupted security supervision has become a problem to be solved by the construction industry.

Comparing with the traditional video surveillance, the differences and difficulties of building site video surveillance are as follows: 1. Building site is a temporary place and will move to another place when the project is finished, so the video surveillance needs to be easy to install and use, and it also can be reused in the new place. The traditional surveillance mode has long installation period and high cost to dismantle device and network. 2. Building site has multiple types of surveillance points, such as storeroom, dormitory and other fixed places, or tower crane and other unfixed places, meanwhile, the project progress is changed every day, the real-time and up-to-date video surveillance cannot be realized with the traditional mode. Therefore, for the construction industry, the video surveillance must be clear, real-time, wireless and convenient.

TsingLink building site video surveillance solution can realize remote high-definition video monitoring function via 4G network. With the solution, the safety management efficiency will be largely improved, and the construction and maintenance cost of monitoring system will be greatly reduced.

Ⅱ.       Industry demands

  • Project leaders: Remote monitoring in the office, real-time monitoring of the site construction status.
  • Construction companies: Real-time monitoring in the headquarters to ensure all operations are processed in accordance with specifications.
  • The first time know the construction status via remote real-time monitoring, supervise the construction difficulties and improper designs, and allocate reasonable personnel in place at any time.
  • Realize the macro-adjustment of construction planning via remote real-time monitoring.
  • Property developers (proprietors): 1) Know the construction progress and quality safety situation at any time. 2) Sales department show the customer the construction planning and schedule for publicity effect (or make the proprietors can reasonably set the move planning).
  • Government or related administrative department: Real-time monitoring of building sites to ensure the construction specification and safety, meanwhile, improve the management level and supervision effectiveness.

Ⅲ.       Surveillance system construction

The surveillance system is composed by 4G HD DVR, network camera, lightning arrester, mounting bracket, power and other infrastructures.

The overall system construction

Ⅳ.       System function

1)   Remote audio and video surveillance

Timely master the site construction status, such as:

A.    Guard management: entry control of project device, facility, material, and worker, secure channel setting, publicity notice, etc.

B.    Site management: material stacking, material processing place, large machinery use, foundation pit excavation, etc.

C.    Construction operation management: worker safety device, scaffolding, and dangerous operation safety precautions, distinguish in place situation of site construction, management and supervision staff according to the different color of helmets. Monitor the real-time status throughout the day and timely rectify the problem when finding it. 

2)   Local / platform video recording function

Support to process video recording of the construction site in device and platform to be documented, and the administrator can query videos to playback.

3)   Remote management function

The principal can remotely watch the construction situation and material safety via network, also can realize the online communication via the two-way audio system.

Construction companies and government administrations can know the real-time situation of site construction progress and give advices or rectification measures.

4)   Remote instruction function

Technical experts can timely know the site environment and the project progress via the remote instruction system.

5)   Linkage alarm function

With features of complex personnel, large mobility, many materials, frequent in-out vehicles, building site has high demands for fireproofing and antitheft. The system can equip some alarm devices to be linked to inform the interested party when some illegal behavior occurs, such as infrared radiation, smoke detector, alarm bell, alarm button, etc.

6)   Cross-regional real-time surveillance

The construction companies or government administrations can know the details of all construction sites via network videos and process the management. It improves the work efficiency and saves the transportation fee.

7)   Mobile phone surveillance

System supports Android / iOS / WP and other mobile client solutions. The building site principal can process real-time surveillance via mobile phone or PAD, meanwhile, the property developers can show customers the construction planning and scheduling via more convenient means to promote house sale.

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