Traffic Law Enforcement Solution

1.       Industry background

Traffic patrolling is the base and important means of traffic management. The illegal operations and traffic regulation violation behaviors can be effectively found, restrained, and investigated in time via the dynamic management of traffic patrolling to ensure the road is safe and unimpeded and the lives and property of citizens are inviolable.

There are three problems during the law enforcement process:1. The wide range of law enforcement makes the occurrence of traffic case has universality, randomness, and mobility; 2. There are multiple mechanisms during the law enforcement process of transportation system, such as road administration, transport administration, traffic police, etc. The non-public problems of staff, equipment, means, and data lead to the repeated construction of resources and affect the law enforcement efficiency. 3. Lack of supervision during the law enforcement process. The existence of the three problems makes it difficult to take the evidence and process punishment.

2.       System structure

In the traffic law enforcement solution of TsingLink, the personnel carries the 4G HD individual terminal to record the whole course and transmit the real-time video to the command center via 4G network.

The law enforcement vehicle installs 4G HD intelligent terminal to upload the videos and captured plate number to the command center after the intelligent analysis, realize the real-time comparison, save and alarm of the plate number during the vehicle patrolling course.

The command center can watch the front-end real-time videos, query the records, process cluster call, and process emergency scheduling for the staff and vehicles in emergency status.

Topological graph of the system

Law enforcement personnel equipment

Only need to equip with a 4G individual terminal and a camera, small-sized, easy to carry and operate.

Law enforcement vehicle construction

The vehicle equips with 4G HD intelligent terminal, PTZ camera on car roof, camera inside car, law enforcement terminal, handheld microphone, etc.

Emergency command Console

The software of emergency command console is installed in the law enforcement terminal and the command center to realize the functions of recording, supervision, information query, file upload, cluster call, video browsing, emergency scheduling, etc.

3.       System function

Real-time watching: All command centers can watch the real-time videos that uploaded by the individual terminal and the patrol car.

Mobile and high-definition plate number snapshot: The high-definition intelligent DVR is installed in the patrol car to take photos of the vehicle plate number and compare with the background database, alarm will be automatically given when finding illegal operating vehicles, overload vehicles, and criminals, etc.

Vehicle / personnel location: The command center can know the location of the law enforcement vehicle and personnel in real time.

Cluster call: The command center can call the front-end law enforcement personnel in real time, and personnel also can call each other.

Emergency scheduling: The command center can timely issue the scheduling information and nearby arrange personnel to deal with the incident when meeting emergencies, such as vehicle or personnel escape.

Investigation and evidence collection: The individual terminal that carried by the law enforcement personnel can collect, save and upload the information of vehicle, driving license, ID card, etc. The information is saved by the terminal and the command center to be as the evidence when dispute occurs.

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