Environmental Protection Governance Online Monitoring Solution

Burning straw can cause traffic accidents, fires, damage the soil structure, and produce toxic and harmful gases. Although the state has promulgated relevant policies to stop the burning of straw in the open, it has little effect. This phenomenon has been repeatedly banned and the reasons are complicated.

Under the premise that all kinds of straw processing technologies have matured day by day, what we need is not only to improve the processing technology, but also a comprehensive information management solution that integrates technical prevention.

The existing straw burning supervision plan is mainly in the autumn harvest season, the environmental protection and other departments organize special personnel to station in the fields, through the inspection of personnel and law enforcement vehicles, and rely on the existing fixed monitoring points to monitor. The entire program is time-consuming, labor-intensive, costly, and inefficient in supervision. The focus is on retrospective accountability and punishment after the fact.

Therefore, the environmental protection department urgently needs a set of information visualization supervision system that meets all-weather, no dead ends, and high efficiency.

. Program overview


"Blue Sky Guardian" is a remote real-time visual supervision system customized by Tsinglink for government departments using the latest 5G, 4G communications, audio and video codec, intelligent identification, grid management and other technologies.

It has changed the traditional single methods such as manual inspections, using scientific and technological means to improve efficiency, making it unattended, purifying the environment, and guarding the blue sky.

The plan mainly relies on existing high-altitude resources such as base station towers and unmanned aerial vehicles to achieve all-weather monitoring of high-altitude observations of the field. Immediately monitor whether there are bad behaviors such as straw burning and theft in the field, and improve the efficiency and level of straw burning fire point monitoring. It can not only control a large area of combustion, but also provide convenience for fire point monitoring, assist law enforcement officers in efficient law enforcement, and greatly reduce expenditures.

. System networking


The system is mainly composed of high-altitude observation subsystem, UAV subsystem, business management system, environmental protection monitoring center, transmission network, etc., and is deployed as follows:


1. Install 5G/4G IR speed dome, thermal imaging PTZ cameras and other front-end equipment on the base station towers, and use solar power to transmit video images to the monitoring center in real time through 5G/4G network. At the same time, data such as wind direction, wind speed, PM2.5, temperature and humidity can be collected and uploaded. The system sets the warning value and automatically completes the warning notification.


2. The front-end flight controller controls the drone to capture images from high altitude, and the data arrives at the ground station or remote control, and is transmitted in real time by the 5G/4G equipment embedded in the ground station.


3. The back-end deployment monitoring center can monitor the front-end situation in real time through PC client, decoding on TV wall, mobile client, etc. The monitoring center and handheld terminal can manage the front-end equipment resources in a unified manner.


4. The business management system adopts grid division, event management, component management and other methods to standardize management objects and reengineer and innovate management processes.

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