Visual Integrated Management Solution Of Power Grid

The power industry based on intelligent power grid construction is the foundation of the national economic development of many countries, and is related to national security, social stability, economic development, and the interests of the people. Therefore, the safe and stable operation of the power system must be ensured.

During the construction and use of the power grid, various emergencies such as heavy rain, blizzard, high temperature, strong wind, and unpredictable earthquakes and typhoons will pose a great threat to the normal operation of the power grid. Because the power towers are scattered and generally located in remote areas with few people, relying on manual patrols or traditional monitoring to supervise, it is difficult, inefficient, and costly.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for a convenient and fast online monitoring method to discover hidden dangers in the power transmission process in time and ensure the normal operation of power transmission lines.

At the same time, the power industry often encounters some problems during emergency repairs or construction, which are mainly reflected in the following three aspects: First, various technical problems will be encountered during the operation, which may not be solved quickly by front-end staff alone, and remote technical guidance by experts is required; Second, in the process of high-altitude or strong electric operations, it is necessary to supervise the operators in real time to prevent the harm caused by illegal operations and protect the personal safety of the operators; The third is that the operation site is not fixed, and a mobile and visualized monitoring system is needed during the operation.

1. Program overview


The program transmits the monitoring video of the line in the power system, daily line inspection, and audio and video of the emergency repair site to the monitoring center in real time. The background personnel can understand the daily operation status of each line transmission point in real time.Deal with abnormalities in time to prevent the power lines from being damaged by external forces; promptly correct and manage the operation and maintenance of front-end personnel; conduct multi-party review and provide emergency repair guidance when major failures are encountered. This scheme effectively improves the daily management and emergency repair and disposal capabilities of the power system, and can meet the power safety supervision requirements.

2. System networking

The system is mainly composed of an electric power video online monitoring system, an intelligent power capture system for preventing external damage, an electric power operation & line inspection visual supervision system, a power grid remote management command platform, and a transmission network. The deployment is as follows:


(1) The power video online monitoring system is composed of 4G low-power video server, HD dome camera, and multiple sensors. It is powered by solar energy, the front-end video is transmitted to the monitoring platform in real time through the 4G network. At the same time, environmental data such as wind force, temperature and humidity, rainfall, wind yaw angle, etc. can be collected and uploaded. The warning data is set in the background of the system, and when the warning data is exceeded, it will automatically alarm to the monitoring center.


(2) The intelligent capture system for preventing external power failure adopts 4G solar low-power intelligent camera, supports remote HD capture and HD video transmission, can intelligently detect the surrounding environment, and promptly alarm when abnormalities are found. The camera has long standby time, small size, light weight, stable and reliable performance, simple installation and maintenance, and low construction cost.


(3) The operate site is equipped with 4G emergency PTZ camera, 4G handheld terminal, and bluetooth speakers. The audio and video of the operate site are transmitted back to the monitoring center in real time through the 4G network. The monitoring center can issue supervision instructions through bluetooth speakers based on live video.


(4) The power line patrol is equipped with a 4G handheld terminal and a drone to transmit live video or pictures back to the monitoring center in real time. The monitoring center can know the location of the line patrol personnel in real time and replay the trajectory of the line patrol, at the same time, the monitoring center can talk to the line inspectors.


(5) Deploy the power grid remote management command platform and TV wall in the monitoring center, and equip the management personnel with mobile clients.

3. System function

(1) Online monitoring


Real-time image transmission: 4G HD 1080P video remote real-time viewing


Remote control: remote control of PTZ rotation, automatic timing cruise


Environmental monitoring: monitor rainfall, wind, temperature and humidity, etc.; abnormal early warning intelligent alarm: intelligent analysis and alarms such as foreign objects hanging on the line, illegal construction, trees too high, line icing, etc.

(2) Anti-breaking intelligent capture


Picture capture: support remote HD picture timing capture


Video viewing: remote wake up and watch real-time video


Solar power supply: can work for more than 30 days under continuous rainy weather conditions


Wechat push: the captured pictures can be pushed to the supervisor through Wechat for easy viewing


Intelligent analysis: intelligent analysis and alarms such as foreign objects hanging on the line, illegal construction, trees too high, line icing, etc.

(3) Visual supervision of operation & line inspection


Emergency repair guidance: voice guidance, group discussion, joint consultation


Vehicle/personnel positioning: the command center can understand the distribution of front-end personnel and vehicles in real time


Group call: the command center can call front-end personnel in real time, and each personnel can call each other


Emergency dispatch: in case of emergencies, the command center can set up an emergency team nearby to quickly complete emergency dealing

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