Safe Road Administration Law Enforcement Solution

Safe road administration system is a grid system for comprehensive transportation management created by Tsinglink for road administration and administrative law enforcement departments. The system utilizes road bayonet and mobile capture to promptly and effectively discover, stop, and investigate various vehicles and behaviors that violate regulations and damage road properties, record the enforcement process throughout the process, and thoroughly solve the problem of "difficulty in obtaining evidence, detaining vehicles, and penalizing" in the process of law enforcement, comprehensive protection of road safety and improve the level of road safety management.

System networking

At the front end of the system, law enforcement personnel wear a 4G HD individual emergency terminal to record the whole process of law enforcement. At the same time, the 4G network is used to transmit HD video to the law enforcement command center in real time.


Law enforcement vehicles are equipped with 4G HD intelligent vehicle-mounted terminals, and the video and captured license plates during the inspection process are intelligently analyzed and uploaded to the command center to achieve real-time comparison, storage and alarm of the license plates during the vehicle inspection process.


The command center can not only watch the front-end law enforcement screen in real time, check historical records, but also make group calls to dispatch front-end law enforcement personnel and vehicles in an emergency state.

System functions

1. Remote real-time viewing

The command center of each detachment and corps can watch real-time video uploaded by the front-end individual law enforcement terminal and law enforcement patrol vehicles through the 4G network in real time.


2. On-site evidence collection

The individual law enforcement terminal of law enforcement personnel can collect front-end vehicle, driver’s license, ID card and other information, and save and upload it; law enforcement terminal and command center can store information on the law enforcement scene, which can be the first hand data for investigation and evidence collection in case of disputes.


3. Mobile HD license plate capture

The HD intelligent vehicle-mounted DVR installed on patrol vehicles can capture HD license plates of passing vehicles on the road and compare them with the background database. If illegally operating vehicles or overloaded vehicles are found, the system will automatically alert.


4. Person ID/Vehicle ID Comparison

The program supports real-time comparison of vehicle and personnel information with information registered in the database, and verification of forged documents on the spot to prevent illegal personnel and vehicles from escaping.


5. Vehicle/personnel positioning

The command center can know the location and historical patrol track of the law enforcement personnel and vehicles under its jurisdiction in real time.


6. Group call

The command center can call front-end law enforcement officers in real time, and law enforcement officers can call each other, which can effectively realize front-to-end linkage and multi-point linkage.

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