Digital Urban Management Integrated Solution

The city management has always been the guardian of the city, maintaining the stability and cleanliness of the city. They play an important role in urban appearance and environmental sanitation, urban planning management, road traffic order, municipal management, environmental protection management, construction site management, urban river and lake management. There are often disputes and misunderstandings in the law enforcement process of urban management, and there is a certain degree of surprise and lag in law enforcement. There is an urgent need for a comprehensive urban management plan to complete acceptance, evidence collection, and law enforcement, while making the law enforcement process well-documented, let the process have deterrence and credibility, as well as effective supervision of law enforcement.

Program overview

The "Digital urban management" solution realizes the digitization and visualization of urban management. In the process of law enforcement patrols and on-site processing, law enforcement vehicles and personnel can use law enforcement recorders, on-board law enforcement systems, urban management law enforcement MPUs and other equipment to record the entire on-site law enforcement process in real time, upload and communicate with the command center in real time. After the case is handled, inspections, supervision, comparison and publicity can be carried out, effectively improving the efficiency and transparency of law enforcement. The program objectives are:
1. On-site visual command of law enforcement
2. Inspection and supervision afterwards
3. Illegal on-site evidence collection and upload
4. Notification of case handling results

Overall design

The intelligent urban management solution adopts a five-level structure deployment of user layer, business layer, support layer, data layer, and basic layer. 

The user layer mainly includes law enforcement officers, patrol cars, command centers, business acceptors, the public, etc.; 

The business layer mainly covers on-site data collection, business acceptance, case handling, emergency command, etc.; 

The supporting layer is mainly a service unit such as video surveillance, voice call, user management, and equipment management built to meet user business needs;

The data layer mainly includes various geographic data, video data, voice data, personnel and vehicle information data, etc.;

The basic layer is the operating system, database software, firewall and anti-virus software required to ensure the normal operation of the above units.

System networking

The system consists of urban management law enforcement individual subsystem, urban management law enforcement vehicle-mounted subsystem, emergency response subsystem, urban management command platform, case handling subsystem, network, etc. The front-end is equipped with 4G law enforcement portable terminals by urban management law enforcement officers and supervisors to record the whole process of law enforcement. At the same time, the 4G network is used to transmit HD real-time video to the law enforcement command center, which can realize two-way communication, instruction issuance, group command and dispatch and other applications between the law enforcement terminals and the command center.

Urban management law enforcement vehicles are equipped with a 4G intelligent vehicle law enforcement system, which can realize video transmission, audio intercom, license plate recording, evidence preservation, etc. during vehicle inspections, and can be equipped with 4G emergency PTZ camera as an emergency response method for major cases.

The case processing subsystem is mainly used for case reporting (including inspector reporting and public reporting), case acceptance, case distribution, case processing, result retention and notification.

Business functions

1. Public security patrol
Law enforcement officers wear 4G individual law enforcement terminals and law enforcement vehicles are mounted with law enforcement systems to patrol in the jurisdiction, deal with violations, persuade and drive off vehicles, and can intelligently verify the ID information of offenders on the spot, automatically capture the license plate number of the illegal vehicle. If the database is connected, it can also realize the automatic comparison of the license plate blacklist and the personnel blacklist and alarm.

2. On-site evidence collection
After receiving a report or a task assigned by the command center, law enforcement officers rush to the scene and collect evidence on the spot through the 4G individual law enforcement terminal. The methods of collecting evidence include video collection, photo collection, and recording collection.

After the law enforcement officers have obtained evidence, they can upload the live video, photos, and recordings to the command center, and attach the time, place, and case number of the evidence collection.

3. Case entry
Realize the functions of collecting on-site illegal parking information, comparing people's certificates, vehicle penalties, printing of illegal notices, and case entry.

4. Evidence browsing
After the case evidence is uploaded, the command center can directly access the case’s pictures, videos, texts and other evidence.

5. Supervision and verification
After obtaining evidence of the case, the urban management department issued a rectification notice or handling measures to the relevant units. When the deadline for handling the case was reached, law enforcement officers went to the scene to verify, and recorded and took photos. If the problem is resolved, the case is closed, if not resolved, further rectification is required.

6. Request support

When the front-end encounters an emergency, it can call for support to superiors and coordinated units through video and audio, and can send alarm messages.

7. Real-time command
The command center can remotely issue instructions to the scene, and understand the real-time situation on the scene and the deployment of surrounding forces, and arrange corresponding forces nearby to support, realizing flat command.

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