Mobile Video Police Affair Solution

I.Background overview

With the development of the society, there are more and more means of transportation, and the mobility of personnel and vehicles is great, so everyone has a smart phone. In order to ensure a stable social security environment and meet the needs of urban security prevention and control and urban management, the plan provides early warning of possible risks through the information collection of police cars and police officers on moving targets and emergencies during patrol and law enforcement. Discover suspects on the spot and arrest them to solve cases, check population and vehicles, crack down on and prevent crimes, so as to achieve "comprehensive collection, accurate early warning and rapid disposal". It meets the actual needs of police mobile police work and can be used as an important information collection point and resource supplement of skynet Project.

II. Program objectives

(1) Prevention: Through intelligent analysis based on video and big data, the state of affairs can be prevented and predicted to prevent accidents

(2) Evidence collection: Record the police work during the whole process, to ensure that the evidence is clear, complete, and well documented.

(3) Command: To provide vehicle-mounted positioning, video, intelligent driving assistance and other informationalized means to command police work remotely and in real time.

(4) Supervise the police work to improve the efficiency of law enforcement.

III. Solutions

IV. Function Highlights

1. Intelligent Information Collection

The individual police terminal includes intelligent body worn devices and intelligent glasses. With the individual police terminal, the police personnel can detect face and license plate within the field of vision and collect them.

The vehicle-mounted police terminal adopts integrated intelligent warning lights, with built-in multi-channel starlight level camera and high-speed PTZ camera, which can automatically collect all the information of personnel, vehicles and mobile phones in the surrounding 360° area during vehicle patrol.


2. Real-time Early Warning

The intelligent information collected by the terminal, after being encrypted, can be compared in real time with the key target database in the public security database. After the comparison is successful, the early warning will be sent to the police staff immediately, and the target information will be sent to the smart glasses and the law enforcement terminal of the police car, and the target will be screened on site, which can effectively prevent the key supervision targets from fleeing.

3. Offline comparison and online update

The scheme supports batch import of key target database (face database, license plate database, mobile phone database) and other information to the front-end police terminal, which can be directly compared offline by the police terminal, to further improve the recognition accuracy and efficiency.

The solution supports the offline database update of the police terminal via batch/single, timed/instant online remote updating.


4. Rapid group building and emergency treatment

In case of emergency event, the scheme supports integrated ground and air support for the site through single person, vehicle and UAV graphic transmission terminal. Support map box selection, quickly set up the accident handling team on site, and support voice call, two-way video talkback, text communication, document transfer and other disposal work between the group members and the command center.


5. Police Control and supervision

In the command center, the police force distribution in a certain region can be known in real time: how many police forces are in the region, how many people, how many cars, how many fixed monitoring points, current locations, peripheral videos, etc., so as to effectively control and allocate the police force distribution in the province/city.

In the process of daily patrol, the command center can see in real time the patrol track, patrol area, patrol time period, patrol mileage and other information of police officers and police cars on the map, which can effectively improve the effectiveness and coverage integrity of the patrol.

The system supports random check of security posts and monitoring points, detection of personnel on duty, police cars in place and completion of police statistics, which are exported in the mode of statistical report.

6. Connect “Skynet Project” and video conference system

The mobile police platform supports “Technical requirements for information Transmission, exchange and control of GB28181 Public Security Video Surveillance Network System”, and can access existing public security monitoring points, and connect with Skynet platform and video conference platform through national standard protocol. On the one hand, mobile police terminals can be used as supplementary points of Skynet project to make up for the dead corner of Skynet; On the other hand, the mobile police platform supports the docking with the video conferencing system, which can effectively realize the joint action of multiple departments for major cases and quickly complete the case disposal.

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